Pet Peeves...

Bad hair days

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Sick people who cough near you.

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  • Not near me ON ME
  • Suffering from a horrible strain of flu for 2 weeks makes me want to murder these walking epidemics.
  • Cover your mouth!
  • i want to spray them with lysol
  • i want to punch them
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When somebody tosses something toward a garbage can, like they think they're a basketball star, then leave it on the ground after they miss!

Annoyance level:    0%

People who drink directly out of the milk/orange juice container.

Annoyance level:    0%
  • i've done it before...but it really depends on the person. my boyfriend and I don't care if it's us at our apt
  • This usually only happens when it is about to be empty anyway, so......
  • I can't get annoyed by it because i do it sometimes
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  • unless they do it when it's almost empty then okay otherwise it is just disgusting
  • unless its theirs
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People who give their kids weird names.

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  • Don't hate on North West, He's going straight to the top, and slightly to the left.
  • They are only weird because we as a society cant accept them. People can name their kids whatever they want, thats their right. If its too much there is an option for the kid to legally change it.
  • no problem in giving them weird names like "blue ivy" as beyonce did but i find it very horrible when they name their children as "hashtag" or "facebook" "instagram" or something among these lines
  • Come here Hairyballsack the third!
  • A kid goes to my school naked "jermaishanklerstenk"
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When people take 20 napkins, use one, then throw them all away.

Annoyance level:    0%

People clipping their nails in public

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  • As long as it doesn't fly into my eye (that has happened to me)...
  • gross and I hate the sound
  • And then the nail hits you in the eye. smh
  • Yeah like this can wait until you get home.
  • gross cant you do that in your house -_-
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People who use the word "gay" to mean "lame".

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  • i do it every time
  • i do that everytime i dont even care
  • i do it
  • Okay, being gay myself I find it kind of annoying when people do this around me, if they do it on accident and then notice and apologize I find it okay, but if they continue doing it I would tell them to use a different word.
  • It's so stupid. Calling someone gay shouldn't be an insult. What is this? 2012?
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When you ask someone a simple, straightforward question and they spend ten solid minutes rambling on about everything in the world EXCEPT the answer to your simple, straightforward question?

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  • I guess it depends who it is. If I like them, I don't really care, but if they are on my bad side, yeah. Not cool.
  • Yeah, that annoys me. Usually that just means you aren't understanding them, though.
  • One of my friends is like that! That's why I never ask her anything anymore..
  • If Im in a rush this is very inconvenient.
  • that's called STALLING
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The noise people make when they rub their fingers on balloons.

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