How much does it annoy you?

When there is no more toilet paper

Annoyance level:    0%
  • See question (not washing hands are using the toilet)
  • Always have a backup roll. Always.
  • shower time
  • who'd like that???
  • What kind of question, 100% no pleasure in that
  • Especially when I've just ... well never mind
  • Means I gotta jump in the shower and hose the hershey highway off.
  • grosser
  • This is considered as an awkward moment.
  • uh...if u r in school ......BIG PROMPLEM MY FRIEND
  • Depends, if I'm at home I have a toilet paper rack so I never run out, in public bathrooms I always check to see if there is any in the stall first.
  • period!!!
  • RAGE!!!!!
  • I use baby wipes.
  • That is super awkward.
  • Here i am sitting on the vapor, looking for the toilet paper... how much longer must i linger, before i simply use my finger :D
  • When it happens to me, and people are over, I have to use the cardboard
  • this is awkward but im used to check if there are any...
  • Espically when your on the toilet and doing explosive diarrhea and theres not toilet paper