How much does it annoy you?

The stupid flashing red light on your blackberry when you have a message

Annoyance level:    0%
  • grow up peter pan. count chocula
  • blackberrys suck
  • Don't have a cell phone or blackberry
  • I don't have a blackberry
  • If you donl't like it then turn that light off -.-
  • still 9
  • you can turn it off... -____-
  • i dont have a blackberry soooo..... yeah....
  • I have an iPhone.
  • Our house phone does this...all the time. Mom will not give me her password to change it, although she can never seem to find the time to do it herself -_-
  • It tells me when I have a txt so i dont have to put the volume on when im txting someone
  • I don't have a stupid BlackBerry -_-
  • Don't have a blackberry
  • I am naither a Crackberry addict, nor an Apple Fag. ANDROID FTW!
  • Dont have a phone with a "flashing red light"
  • who owns a blackberry -_- worst phone ever
  • I Do Own a BB (Black Berry) But Why Lot Hate?
  • Who uses a blackberry?
  • Who has a blackberry?