How much does it annoy you?

When they put random stuff in your meal at a restaurant that wasn't ordered.

Annoyance level:    0%
  • Never happened to me
  • soo??? I would enjoy new food
  • free extra food?
  • I'm a picky eater
  • fgfhthfjffggh
  • Like boiled eggs on a salad when it wasn't even listed on the menu. Ew.
  • as long as they didnt charge me for it then ill take it
  • yeah im a vegetarian..i hate finding disgusting pieces of chicken in my food
  • Depends on if they accidentally give you a fry in your carton of onion rings... That's just awesome.
  • as long as it is FREE!!!
  • Well I ordered myself a cheeseburger and a small diet pepsi, and they gave me an extra large coke with a double cheeseburger with 40 piece chicken in it and it cost only 5.00
  • I don't want all this stuff on my burger! I just want a burger!
  • usually i get 10 extra nuggets so its all good
  • Most of the time that means free food for me. :D
  • whatever
  • If I like the little "surprise", it's all good. If not, well..
  • depends what it is
  • exactly
  • Especially when you're a vegetarian and they put meat in your food...
  • Atleast you get more food!!
  • Free food for days
  • it depends if its good