How much does it annoy you?

People that have an opinion about everything

Annoyance level:    0%
  • What is this?? and it's usually called being sentient.
  • that's my friend
  • Of course people have opinions about everything. It would be weirder if someone DIDN'T
  • That would me. And my opinions are always right hahaha.
  • Stupid Kid that's a year younger than me named MALIK.
  • The people that gave this a 0% are the people that always have the bs opinions that people don't care to hear. Same people different topic!
  • pleeeeeeeeeease.
  • It annoys me
  • A lott
  • Isn't that what we're doing?
  • ya isnt that what where doinf
  • its like, 'did anyone ask you?'
  • The worst is when someone who has an opinion about everything IS ALWAYS WRONG.
  • It only bothers me when they have an opinion on something that they don't completely understand. If you don't know the details of the issue, just keep your mouth shut.
  • Hi. :)
  • hi :)
  • Shut Up Sometimes.. Danngg
  • im with ya bro
  • Hahaa
  • That's me, and I always check back on my opinions to ensure they're right, so bring on the argument!
  • s**t no one asked u shut the F*$K UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  • isnt this sh*t asking your opion about everything
  • Always correcting the politically incorrect people.
  • Apparently having opinions is a bad thing.
  • Everyone has opinions, it's just annoying when people express them when it's uncalled for, and changes the mood, causes an argument or interrupts something important.
  • Everyone has an opinion on everything.
  • 1st amendment states Freedom of speech
  • It doesn't bother me everyone has an opinion on everything. What is annoying is when they try and shove their opinion down your throught like you can't think for yourself
  • that's good.
  • everyone has an opinion on everything you cant judge them for it
  • I'm one of those people... :(
  • That's me%u2026
  • they do have a right to give their own opinion on things,who am I to stop them
  • It shows that they care about their life
  • just shut up already
  • his is ironic, but i hate this, in my opinion it's really annoying when someone gives their own opinion.