How much does it annoy you?

When people smell sweaty in public (independent of sports)

Annoyance level:    0%
  • okay that's gross.
  • Shower.
  • That's me, but i dont like it.
  • carry some deodorant will ya
  • It only bothers me when it's completely overwhelming. Otherwise, it happens, sometimes you can't control it.
  • Good for them for being is shape!
  • Well if it's from sports and you're no were near a shower etc, then it's understandable, but if not just no.
  • deodorant ever herd of it?
  • hey thats not nice
  • larger people at amusement parks. and you have to stand next to them in the long lines. omg
  • maybe its not them.
  • Ever hear of deodorant
  • disgusting
  • and dey feel proud