How much does it annoy you?

When you see a child disrespecting his parents

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  • parents can't let their kid be the boss
  • I always want to volunteer to beat their kid for them since they don't have the balls/ovaries to do it themselves..
  • Lol you guys must think you're so tough. Sad, really.
  • would you like to go to a super market full of screaming children
  • Sounds more like you're talking about the kids.
  • Just because someone is a kid doesn't mean they shouldn't have rights. If the parents are being rude to them, they have the right to be pissed.
  • im pretty sure the guy who put this meant something else
  • Giving children equal rights is what has destroyed this country. This is why teachers have no control in classrooms and why we have dumbed-down the American school system. I understand what you are saying, but children need to respect the people who have more experience at life than they do. Kids are taught to have equal say, but yet they don't have the life experience someone 30 years older has.
  • Depends. Do the parents deserve it?
  • My friends do this all the time when their parents are just like, "You guys finish your hw?" I think snapping/telling your parents off is okay (when they're wrong) but calling them retarded or something is for scum.
  • Ive been fishing at a lake and a boy about age 14 wanted to go fishing on a boat out on the lake, well his younger brother which was about 6 didnt want to, so the mother told him no, the older child freaked out and went on yelling and hitting is mother... Im i was 15 at the time and wanted to go teach the kid a little lesson but i was on the other side across a 50 foot channel... Let me ask you something, does the parent deserve that one?
  • People misunderstand each other all the time. People have different definitions of disrespect. So, the kid may not intentionally disrespect his parents, but his parents take it in a disrespectfully way, THAT pisses me off.
  • now if its a teenager its different