How much does it annoy you?


Annoyance level:    0%
  • only if they arent funny
  • they give me pee breaks
  • What so you pee ever 15 minutes?
  • They Waste My Time Most Of The Times
  • lots are annoying, but i love the funny ones and coca cola
  • geico commercials
  • i might find something i like
  • it could be something interesting
  • i enjoy watching commercial when its the superbowl
  • MWAHAHA, I don't watch tv. :D:D
  • I listen to music :P
  • There are good commercials.
  • -sigh-
  • it depends. i saw this really cool interactive Madagascar 3 youtube commercial.
  • why is there no 150%
  • Actually, now that I think about it..they are sometimes pretty useful. Like to go pee, or get a drink.
  • insurance ones are bad
  • insurance
  • People needa get customers lol
  • too many do u ppl realize that 1/4 of the time u watch is commercials? what a ripoff
  • I hate when I'm watching a show and it gets to a really exciting part then.. BAM ... dang commercials.. -_-
  • Not always
  • i kinda love commercials
  • I don't watch TV and I have adblock so yeah
  • I have netflix
  • Commercials are only good for internet shows that do specials on them. Other than that they are just wasting time that could be used watching a TV show that I like.
  • its when there all on at the same time so you cant watch anything meanwhile
  • I have a DVR
  • they have to make commercials to sell their product and i dont watch tv but when im on you tube and an add starts playing i want to kill tgem
  • I have movie box