How much does it annoy you?

Conspiracy theories.

Annoyance level:    0%
  • It's not the theories, it's the teorISTS.
  • We landed on the moon, the Holocaust happened, andBush did not plan 9/11.
  • It's a conspiracy
  • They could be true ie up ratings - fake kill bin laden
  • Kennedy was shot from the grassy knoll
  • I love 'em. I don't BELIEVE them... They're just interesting.
  • they COULD be minds....I mean, who REALLY knows?
  • "they COULD be minds....I mean, who REALLY knows?" agreed.
  • some of it, could have some credibility to it.
  • Pisses me off. Any time me lefty friend talks about that I immediately swap the topic. "9/11 was planned by the government!" - "Isn't it a lovely day today?!"
  • I find them hilarious!
  • I don't care...
  • I honestly think they're stupid, but others actually believe them...
  • oooh illuminati, haha ppl are so paranoid and stupid
  • i dont listen to that sh*t
  • Who hates them?
  • some are good some are bad
  • most are true
  • Some of them are just flat-out hilarious
  • why would you hate them, they spice up your imagination
  • LOVES conspiracy theories. They make things so much more interesting. And they make for good plot.
  • conspiracy theorisize about aliens ALL THE TIME
  • it depends on what it is about.