How much does it annoy you?

When ice cream drips out of the bottom of the cone.

Annoyance level:    0%
  • because you suck at eating with cones
  • Annoys me a little.
  • super annoying for me
  • Put a jelly bean in the bottom of the cone.
  • man on the moon but can't fix this!?!
  • just eat from the bottom of the cone
  • It only really annoys me when I am doing two or more cones at a time, because the children don't have such fast reflexes
  • Not really a pet peeve?
  • i just drink it from the bottom
  • Unless it gets all over my shirt or pants or I'm in a mood
  • why,why,i love ice cream
  • it makes me sad inside.
  • that ruins my day
  • It'll get all soggy and fall apart.
  • I hate that
  • It ruins it for me. I like to enjoy my ice cream, but when it starts melting and stuff and makes me eat it really quickly, its just a buzzkill.
  • ^^^^^