How much does it annoy you?

When you open the DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it.

Annoyance level:    0%
  • again, thats your own dang fault.
  • I've never had this happen. If it did, it would be someone else's fault and it would drive me crazy.
  • never done to me
  • I still don't understand where that Harry Potter is and we may never know
  • My husband does that a lot, so I've gotten used to it. It's still a little annoying though.
  • I open it and... where's my movie??
  • crapi meant 100%
  • gonna want to crush the fake cd,or box
  • Never happened to me.
  • happened with a video game. but they fixed it
  • Happens all the time, open a game case, not the game, look in other case, put that game in there and repeat
  • It takes me forever to find the right one -.-
  • Its the same thing with like cereal boxes. I think Im about to have some delicious mouth watering Cookie Crisp and the box is empty. WTF?
  • thats hot